Maritime Parc Wedding

Maritime Parc is a contemporary and elegant waterfront wedding venue offering stunning NYC skyline views. Located in Jersey City, NJ, just a train or ferry ride away from the city, the perfect blend of convenience and beauty.

bride and groom romantically embraced in front of modern chandelier

I recently wrote a post about the Liberty House wedding venue, which is literally just across the street, and while both wedding venues are generally chosen by New Yorkers and New Jersians alike for the same reasons, they also have very different characteristics that set them apart and will be your deciding factor between one or the other. The Maritime Parc, just like its counterpart, is a hop away from NYC and easily accessible for guests via train, PATH, or ferry, and is conveniently located in an urban area close to many hotels for guests to stay the night. The NYC skyline views are generally what attract couples to this venue, located right inside of Liberty State Park.

The Maritime Parc is not a restaurant, like the Liberty House is, and it is fully dedicated to your wedding. Ceremonies are available indoors and on-site, as well as an indoor reception space within the more modern architecture of the venue. There is a wrap-around balcony and patio space outside of the reception room where guests can take a breather as well. **Pro-tip: This makes for killer sunset portraits too, as the patio is the perfect spot for photos as the sun sets.

bride and groom creative photo kissing in front of sunset

Overall this is a great venue for a NYC Skyline wedding and will appeal to a more urban, modern crowd. If you’re looking for a winter wedding venue in NJ that is elegant and has everything you need on-site and indoors, this is definitely one to consider.

Let’s go through some of the key points about a wedding at the Maritime Parc, from the point of view of an experienced wedding photographer.

Getting Ready On Site or Nearby the Maritime Parc

bride putting on her veil with a flair of sunlight behind her

The Maritime Parc has 3 floors, with elevator access, and on the 2nd floor is the modern bridal suite, available to couples for final touches and getting ready photos. Due to the more limited space, I would recommend only using this room for the final touches and freshening up, although I would consider it quite spacious and picturesque for getting ready. There are plenty of hotel rooms in the area that are conveniently located close to the Maritime Parc in the urban areas of Jersey City and Hoboken, such as the Westin Jersey City, W Hoboken, and the Jersey City Hyatt, that are luxurious and spacious hotels to house your guests for the wedding weekend. I would suggest getting that hotel block as early as possible as there are many weddings that happen in this area and these are popular hotels.

On-Site Indoor Ceremonies at the Maritime Parc

indoor ceremony space at maritime parc highlighting the geometric black and white ceiling

The Maritime Parc has a super modern and unique architecture to it that draws a crowd for an on-site non-conventional ceremony space outside of a church or religious space. It’s as large as the reception room, so it can hold a good size crowd. Natural lighting in the ceremony room is ample so you won’t have to worry about bringing in external lighting unless it’s in the evening.

black and white documentary style photo of bride and groom joyfully exiting ceremony at maritime parc

Modern Reception and Cocktail Hour Space at the Maritime Parc

view from the balcony looking in of the reception space at the maritime parc

The modern architecture of the Maritime Parc is what draws attention fo this wedding venue. With ample space for dining and dancing, and even a wrap around balcony porch for cigars or taking a breather and enjoying the NYC skyline, the space has everything you’ll need. The modern spiral staircase that connects the floors, and the unique fixtures and chandeliers give a NYC vibe to the space even though you are still in NJ.

reception tablescapes at maritime parc with blue uplighting

Wedding Portraits at Maritime Parc and Liberty State Park

creative silhouette photo of bride and groom on modern staircase

Maritime Parc is conveniently located write in Liberty State Park, which is a great spot for wedding portraits. There are plenty of places at the end of the park for unique wedding portraits, including the NYC skyline, the 911 Memorial (although I would not recommend photographing within the walls of the mural out of respect), the inside of the historic train station (which is also covered in case you need a rain location), and the rustic train tracks. The Maritime Parc itself, lends itself to indoor wedding portraits with an elegant vibe as the architecture, all-white walls, and spiraling stair contribute to it’s stunning backdrop. Nearby all of the hotels in the area, there are plenty of more urban places to take your wedding photos as well, if that’s the style of photography you are looking more towards.

sleek black and white dressed bridal party in elegant bridal party photo at maritime parc lobby

Maritime Parc vs. Liberty House

Maritime Parc

  • Modern-minimal architecture, all white spaces, with modern chandeliers, and a unique geometric ceiling design
  • View of the skyline is a bit more limited
  • Indoor cocktail hour space only – outdoor space is limited to the wrap-around balcony
  • Indoor ceremony space
  • access to Liberty State Park for portraits
  • located conveniently close to transportation and easy parking
  • space is fully dedicated to one wedding only

Liberty House

  • Rustic-modern architecture, combining wood beams, vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling window
  • Clear view of the NYC skyline from the ceremony and reception spaces
  • indoor and outdoor cocktail hour and ceremony spaces
  • access to Liberty State Park for portraits
  • located conveniently close to transportation and easy parking
  • space is shared with the adjacent restaurant and may have smaller events happening

Real Weddings at Maritime Parc

birdseye view creative portrait of bride and groom sitting on couch from above

A few real weddings that I’ve captured at the Maritime Parc wedding venue: