Package 1

9 hours coverage • professional image processing • easy download link to images • online gallery • 40 page 10x10 inch base wedding album • complimentary connection session within NJ travel distance



Package 2

10 hours coverage • professional image processing • easy download link to images • online gallery • 40 page 10x10 inch base wedding album • 2 10x10 clone parent albums • complimentary connection session within NJ travel distance



Package 3

11 hours coverage • professional image processing • easy download link to images • online gallery • 50 page 12x12 inch base wedding album • 2 12x12 clone parent albums • complimentary connection session within NJ or NYC



Additional hours . $550

Hourly coverage (not linked to existing package) . $650

Custom Engagement Session . $850-1250

Add video to Engagement/Connection session . $650

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage (3hrs) . $1850

Boudoir Session . $1250

Wedding Albums . start at $1180 / 1980 (lite/thick)

Parent Albums . start at $650

Engagement Books . start at $500

Album Design Only . start at $250

Travel past a 1 1/2 hour traveling distance from Califon, NJ is custom quoted, and may require a 1-2 night overnight stay



Are Wildly in Love

and not afraid to show it


Are Carefree and Laid-back

and love a good party


Embrace their Diverse Backgrounds

and are unified by love


Keep their Family Traditions

but give them a twist


Know the Value of Capturing Moments

real and raw just as they are


Are Not Afraid to Let Out Tears

because it just means they've truly lived their wedding day to the fullest


Love Out-of-the-Box, Non-Traditional Wedding Vibes

rustic, edgy, boho, industrial, intimate


Are Not About the Frills

more about being authentic


Value Reactions, Big Laughs, Heartfelt Tears

over a perfectly posed photo


Value People

over things


Don't Care if it Rains on their Wedding

or if they get a little muddy and wet


Can't Wait to Smash the Cake

in each other's faces


Want the Best Dance Party

the world has ever seen


Are Awkward in Front of the Camera

but really just need some guidance to let their smiles out


Could Get Lost in Eachother's Kisses

the whole wedding day


Appreciate the Mundane

and like to be surprised

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How would you describe your style of photography?
I am a documentary wedding photographer, with a fine art twist. What does this mean? I approach moments candidly, with minimal instructions, so that you can fully experience your day uninhibited and relive the moments that are true to you. I also love creating raw, authentic portraits that are moody and dramatic, to bring the feelings of your relationship to a deeper level. My editing style is a bit moodier as well, bringing home the notion that love is about deep and rich emotions that you feel in your core.
Why should we hire you?
Choosing your photographer is not something to take lightly, as they will be the person with you for the majority of the day, and responsible for recording your legacy of memories on one of the most important days of your life. Because of this, I take my job extremely seriously. I am professional, prompt, responsive, and extremely organized. I will bring a calm yet positive energy to your day and guide you through it all at the same time. While style and approach is a very personal choice, I can guarantee you that I will pour my heart into your photos. Want proof? Read some reviews! I've got a bunch.
Do you travel?
Yes, absolutely. Weddings within the tri-state area are quite normal for me, and any travel within 1 1/2 hours of my base is generally included. When I send you your quote, I will include any additional travel or overnight stays, if they are required. Destination weddings can be wonderful to plan if you have the right team on your side, and I'm happy to travel all over the world for your wedding.
Can we remove the 2nd photographer?
If I feel a 2nd photographer is absolutely not needed (in cases of super intimate weddings, or other concerns), I will make the decision on a case by case whether they can be removed from the base coverage. However, I chose to include a second photographer in my base coverage for several reasons, one of those being extra assurance that your moments are captured and safe with both of us, so let's talk about the reasons why you'd like to remove them before we make this decision!
Our venue is requesting insurance from our vendors. Do you have insurance?
Yes! Of course! And I can provide this information to the venue before your wedding - just ask!
What equipment do you use?
I have been a Nikon user since I began photographing. I generally carry at least 2 cameras with me at all times, with different lenses, and I like to shoot with prime lenses (meaning I move my body around to get the shot, rather than relying on zooms). If needed, I use external off camera flashes or constant LED lights, so that I will be prepared for any lighting situation that your venue may offer.
Have you photographed at our venue before?
While I have photographed at many unique wedding venues around the tri-state area, I believe that true creativity is sparked through the unknown, and trying to make art in conditions that I haven’t experienced before. So while I may or may not have photographed at your wedding venue, keep this in mind! I am always looking for creative ways to be different, whether or not I have photographed at this venue in the past or not. And if I haven’t, I always arrive a bit early to have a quick look around.
What is your COVID Policy?
With today’s uncertain times, I have been trying to adjust to my client’s rescheduling needs as much as possible. I am on your team and want nothing but the best wedding for you! If your wedding must be rescheduled due to Covid, I will work with you to try to make sure we can find a date that I am available, or I can send an associate shooter in my place. If you choose to cancel, you will only be responsible for your non-refundable retainer fee. At your event, my team and I will be following all safety precautions including PUA.

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