What is Family Lifestyle Photography?

Family Lifestyle Photography is the most common type of family photography that most people are familiar with. Other than studio portraits, which is a more traditional style of posed family photography, lifestyle family photography has become very popular. Families have realized that candid moments during family photo sessions are just as if not more important than the posed photo of everyone looking at the camera and smiling. It captures real life, and it’s a great way to compromise and get a little taste of both worlds – both documentary candid style of photography mixed with a few creative and natural family poses. If you want to take the candid moments a step further, you might want to check out my documentary style Day in the Life Photography sessions.

Here are a few common questions with family lifestyle photography and hopefully I can help you choose which session type is right for you!

lifestyle family photo candidly posed in front of american flag

What is Family Lifestyle Photography?

In short, family lifestyle photography is a style of photography that leans on a more natural approach, combining guidance and direction by the photographer towards flattering poses, locations, and prompting certain activities or responses from the participants, with a few natural poses mixed in. I offer this as a 60-90 minute session where we will explore a specific location, whether a park, or your home, or any other special place, and a few different set ups within. If you’d like some outfit changes, or different looks to your session, we can accomodate that as well. 90 minutes is generally a good amount of time to get plenty of different looks and combinations, while still keeping it natural in feeling. If you’d like to bring your pets for some distraction, feel free to!

black and white creative lifestyle portrait of pregnant woman in woods

What is Family Lifestyle Photography NOT?

Family Lifestyle photography is not an all-posed session, with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. It is not about being perfect, sucking in bellies, or retouching fly hairs. It is not about forcing your kids to smile for the camera (which tends to lead to fake-looking smiles). It is not about looking forced or awkward. In general a family lifestyle session will include a few looking up at the camera, but about 80% of a lifestyle session is interactive, and looking at each other, NOT being aware of the camera.

lifestyle image of couple posed in rain with pregnant belly

Do you offer Mini Sessions?

Yes, the lifestyle photography format lends itself well to mini sessions, because it is all about capturing moments. I do offer 30 minute mini sessions, within my home base of Califon, NJ at any time of the year, or follow my instagram and facebook pages for announcements on set “location” mini sessions, which are often held in NYC or the beach. Mini Sessions are structured as quick updates for your family, and are perfect for a handful of pictures for your Holiday cards, or updates on kids photos. It is a package deal and you receive 10 digital files included with your session. Keep in mind that Mini sessions are quicker in nature – so you will not receive as much variety in posing, and combinations as a full Lifestyle photo session.

candid lifestyle photo of family interacting with toddler climbing tree

What do I get with the Lifestyle Session?

A lifestyle session is so unique to each family’s experience, and I have found that everyone prefers to customize their own family photography experience towards their goals. Your $850 session fee includes the 90 minute session with me, at a location within 15 miles of Califon, NJ (additional travel available for a fee) and your edited digital files with printing rights. Additionally, we can go through the a la carte options that are offered such as albums, prints, and wall art, to customize your family’s art through your home the way you like it.

happy grandmother hugging grand daughter with eyes closed

Is a Lifestyle Session right for me?

If you are looking for a smaller time commitment, yes. If you enjoy looking at photos of everyone in a more posed and directed environment, yes. If you want the option for a smaller investment, yes. I always recommend that everyone try both a mini Day in the Life Photography session and a Family Lifestyle photography session and experience them for yourselves. They both have a time and place, and they are wonderful experiences to capture different types of memories.

mother breastfeeding newborn in living room during her family lifestyle photography session