Manasa & Shashank | South Indian Wedding at Liberty House | Jersey City, NJ

Manasa and Shashank are the sweetest of the sweetest! They met through an online dating site and hit it off immediately. I could tell right away, after their connection session that we would be getting along. Their sweet personalities, and appreciation for out-of-the-box thinking was a definite match for our styles, and I enjoyed getting to know them in a more intimate setting. Their South Indian wedding at Liberty House in Jersey City was a beautiful sight to see. The mandap was laid out and decorated beautifully in an indoor ceremony overlooking the NYC skyline through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the venue. Honestly, I love Indian weddings because of all of the colors and fun, cheerful traditions that come along with it. This wasn’t your typical big and loud Indian wedding though. I loved that they kept the vibe super intimate, with their families and friends, concentrating on the more sacred pujas, and an intimate post-ceremony luncheon. They reserved the fun for their restaurant wedding reception at Turtle and the Wolf in Montclair, where they let loose, had some drinks, heard some funny wedding speeches, had amazing food, and danced the night away.

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