A Valentine’s Day Baby | Califon, NJ

Hunterdon County Maternity Photographer

Hunterdon County Maternity Photographer //    Infertility is a difficult journey, especially when one is so determined to make it happen – to have to fall and get back up again, and try, try again, each and every time, dusting yourself off and pretending it was ok, because you know deep in your heart that one day, it’s meant to happen.

Damaris and Angel were some of my very first wedding client, back in 2012 when I took on weddings full-time. One of the wonderful parts of my job, is that I get to really stay in touch with many of my clients, and through the wonderful world of social media, friendships are created. I have followed Damaris and Angel through their 6 year journey of marriage, through their many beautiful trips together, their family gatherings, and I was also made aware of their difficult journey towards becoming pregnant.

I was so thrilled when I heard they became pregnant, and even moreso when they invited me to document this journey for them. So they came to visit me all the way from South Jersey, to my side of the state, in Hunterdon County, to explore what the cold, winter wilderness had to offer us that day! I don’t think nature disappointed us in any way (aside from the below 0 degree windchill!), but the result was just perfect. One of the analogies that Damaris had made when she saw the preview of her photos, which I thought was just so fitting, was to equate the ruins where we photographed to the ruins of her womb, where she had tried, and failed, but got back up again, and through the scars, she was able to pull through the ashes and become pregnant… and now we wait… for a beautiful baby, gender yet unknown, to join us in this beautiful world…

And I can’t wait to meet him/her on the beginning of this journey of life!

“Ruins, for me, are the beginning.

With the debris, you can construct new ideas.

They are symbols of a beginning.”

-Anselm Kiefer

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