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Gibbsboro NJ Newborn Photos

Gibbsboro NJ Newborn Photos // Welcome to the World sweet baby Mia Angelina!

My absolute favorite phone call to get, hands down, is 1, 2, 3, or in this case 7 years later, after having gotten to capture the inte moments of my wedding couples, and having gotten to know their families so deeply – even becoming friends on facebook to follow each other’s stories… but that call though… we are pregnant and can’t think of anyone better to document this moment in our lives than you… it sends shivers down my spine and brings a smile to my face, no matter what kind of day I’m having…

Damaris and Angel were one of my 2012 weddings (when my business was just a baby!), and we’ve kept in touch ever since. When they contacted me to photograph their maternity session, and later their Valentine’s Day baby (yes, she was due on Valentine’s day, but made her appearance a bit early!), as well as their first birthday, my response – um, yes!!

Although baby Mia made her arrival before her due date, I knew that I wanted to commemorate that special due date by having her newborn photos taken on her due date, Valentine’s Day. Her special newborn session took place in the arms of her loving parents, documenting the moments that I find so special in new families – breastfeeding, taking breaks for diaper changes, and even documenting her very first bath (and man, those expressions are priceless!).

We took advantage of the beautiful, sunny day to bring the family out for some intimate family portraits outdoors, in the home that they are starting as a family together, and I really tried to pay close attention to the decor of the home, and what I saw they placed importance on, to tie that all into their family photos.

documentary newborn photos of baby getting dressed mother holding newborn baby with emotional expression newborn baby photo details, closeup of tiny fingers of baby emotional family portrait of parents holding newborn baby / gibbsboro nj newborn photos

… sometimes I find the parents expressions, especially new parents, so much more interesting to document than the babies!… parents! remember this is a time for you to remember what it felt like also! all those new mom and dad feelings are precious times to capture in your photos…

mother nursing newborn/ documentary newborn photography closeup of mother breastfeeding infant, documentary family photographer detail photo of ultrasound of unborn baby newborn baby breastfeeding with father in the background mother holding baby in arms while smiling / gibbsboro nj newborn photos closeup of newborn baby sleeping on mother's chest closeup of newborn baby portrait father tenderly holding baby in natural window light

.. those who know me, know that natural light like this coming through the window gets me all excited! so of course, I had to use it!…

closeup of mother and father's hands on newborn baby, black and white photo dramatic light portrait of family holding baby in gibbsboro nj closeup of baby's face sleeping on father's chest in the light newborn baby looking up with mother's hands on head portrait of mother and baby in newly decorated newborn room baby with eyes open on mother's chest while mom smiles mother daughter photo in newborn baby's bedroom in black and white newborn baby tenderly looking up at father environmental portrait of family holding newborn in baby's bedroom reflection of family portrait seen through biblical quote on framed print on wall black and white emotional family portrait with newborn black and white photo of mother looking at newborn while father holds baby newborn bedroom decor details baby's bedroom decor details baby's first bath expression in black and white image documentary style photo of baby's first bath documenting baby's first bath and parent's expressions in black and white photo reflection of mother holding child in mirror, juxtaposed by printed family photos on counter emotional photo of mother holding daughter in harsh light by window mother looking out window holding baby baby's hand on mother's chest juxtaposed next to blessed sign on wall outdoor family portrait of parents holding newborn rustic outdoor family portrait in the woods with newborn surrounded by bare winter trees family portrait in the woods with newborn baby close up of face in newborn portrait

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Gibbsboro NJ newborn photos