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Documentary Newborn Photos

Documentary Newborn Photos // West New York Newborn Photographer

close up of newborn baby's face / nj newborn photography

Let’s start at Square 1: Lindsey and Kevin’s in-home Engagement Session where this story has its beginning (at least for where I came into the picture). This is where I got to truly know this amazing couple before their wedding, and get to bond with them on a different level that I don’t think would have been possible had we not done this session. Who would have ever thought that we would be back here, at this same exact place, in the same exact “style” of photos that we approached their engagement session with, an intimate look at their home, and their quirks and their daily routines. Now, only 2 years after their wedding, where I got to meet their friends and family, see them at the peak of their joy (or so they thought) and now holding a precious baby in the photos does that level of meaning from Square 1, start to blow my mind with emotion.

parents in background while baby lays for newborn portrait in foreground closeup of newborn baby toes and feet intimate family portrait of parents kissing baby's head

… nothing like the smell and touch of a new baby’s skin… there’s no feeling like it…

father holding baby's small hands newborn baby photo with baby looking directly at camera mother holding baby in reflection of mirror in baby's room mother kissing baby in her arms in front of dark flowered wallpaper of bedroom silhouette of mother's face holding baby's face by window voyeur perspective of mother holding baby through crack in door of bedroom father's arm in foreground of black and white image holding baby documentary style photos of parents holding baby while yawning

To capture moments, unplanned, like these, are really what give life to these newborn photo sessions and bring the memories into it…

natural family photos of family on bed with newborn and dog playing on floor creative family photo of sleeping family together on bed

I just love capturing families and documentary newborn photos! It’s such a passion to get to capture families and newborns in their environments and creating art for their walls that actually hold meaning! Here’s another newborn photography session that you might also like!

Documentary Newborn Photos / West New York NJ Newborn Photographer