It’s the most gratifying when I get to become a part of each of my families’ lives.. from their holiday portraits, through their summers at the beach, to important events.. and it is why I am so grateful that I can do this through my job (if you want to even call it that)… I only met the Simon family last year, for their first set of fall portraits, and it seems like an eternity I’ve known them because I have gotten a chance to get to know them and even enjoy the little moments with them as well… thank you so much for thinking of me again to capture such an important part of your lives… the Bar Mitzvah of your first child… and hope for it to be many more years to come :)… enjoy this little preview of the day… a beautiful.. and intimate 200… event to remember…

Simon Barmitzvah 01Simon Barmitzvah 02Simon Barmitzvah 03Simon Barmitzvah 04Simon Barmitzvah 05Simon Barmitzvah 06Simon Barmitzvah 07Simon Barmitzvah 08Simon Barmitzvah 09Simon Barmitzvah 10Simon Barmitzvah 11Simon Barmitzvah 12Simon Barmitzvah 13Simon Barmitzvah 14Simon Barmitzvah 15Simon Barmitzvah 16Simon Barmitzvah 17Simon Barmitzvah 18Simon Barmitzvah 19Simon Barmitzvah 20Simon Barmitzvah 21Simon Barmitzvah 22Simon Barmitzvah 23Simon Barmitzvah 24Simon Barmitzvah 25Simon Barmitzvah 26Simon Barmitzvah 27Simon Barmitzvah 28Simon Barmitzvah 29Simon Barmitzvah 30Simon Barmitzvah 31Simon Barmitzvah 32Simon Barmitzvah 33Simon Barmitzvah 34Simon Barmitzvah 35Simon Barmitzvah 36Simon Barmitzvah 37Simon Barmitzvah 38Simon Barmitzvah 39Simon Barmitzvah 40Simon Barmitzvah 41Simon Barmitzvah 42Simon Barmitzvah 43Simon Barmitzvah 44


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