Lisa + Lou | Gladstone, NJ

Lisa and Lou came into their Connection Session totally open to having some fun and getting into some places that we probably shouldn’t be in… totally my kind of people. They showed up to the empty parking lot, her in her tinted glasses and patterned flowy shirt, him with his hair slicked back and long beard, his tattoos and piercings hidden under his buttoned up collar and long sleeves. I chose a seldomly used train station in the rural NJ town of Peapack Gladstone, along with the adjacent factory that we may or may not have had to sneak around in, to set the scene for their more urban engagement pictures. Although we expected rain to hit at any moment, according to the forecast, we went along with it, and figured we’d make the most out of the session no matter what weather hit us. Instead, however, we got the most beautiful, dramatic and harsh afternoon light (that is my absolute favorite to work with) that lent it’s character to the session and fit perfectly with the quirky nature of these two…. raw… gritty… grungy… real… are just some of the words I can come up with to describe this session… but one thing’s for sure, they were definitely on fire…

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