Melaina + James | High Bridge, NJ

High Bridge, NJ Engagement Session

Melaina is one of my favorite people. She truly cares about animals and the world and social justice and does everything out of the kindness of her heart. She is one of the only people who my dog Kobe, truly loves, and she has been helping us take care of Kobe, our disabled dog, when we’re not around, ever since we adopted him.

So it’s only fitting that Melaina meet a person that can balance her so well, and can reciprocate that love as she so deserves. James is a mellow dude, who has a quirky and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor that brings out the laughter of them as a couple. I watched them together during their session and I so enjoyed seeing them completely in their element, and cuddly, a side of them I hadn’t seen before.

We met in the cute town of High Bridge, NJ… the site of their first encounter and a usual coffee spot for them (Scout’s… amaaazing coffee and food). A little rain didn’t hold us back either, because you learn how to be creative with what you choose to use for shelter while you shoot, in our case, a little underpass made for some pretty dope photos. I love incorporating meaningful places into photos, so when Melaina and James told me that their story started at Circa, one of the restaurants in town, I definitely knew I wanted to incorporate some photos of them where they met!

Check out some of my favorites from the session!

High Bridge Engagement 01 High Bridge Engagement 02 High Bridge Engagement 03 High Bridge Engagement 04 High Bridge Engagement 05 High Bridge Engagement 06 High Bridge Engagement 07 High Bridge Engagement 08 High Bridge Engagement 09 High Bridge Engagement 10 High Bridge Engagement 11 High Bridge Engagement 12