Cassandra + Jimmy | Jack’s Barn | Oxford, NJ

As a New Jersey Wedding Photographer, you get used to the same venues quite a bit… but I’ve started discovering new ones, sort of like the undiscovered ones that are slowly but surely becoming popular, and I’ve found that those couples that have hired me to photograph their weddings in these cute and intimate little nooks are the creative types that appreciate out of the box thinkers.. and so all of these out of the box creative minds come together and create this awesomeness of a wedding and it just feels… right…

Cassandra & Jimmy’s Jacks Barn wedding was no exception to this awesomeness rule… every time I photograph here it feels like a brand new wedding even though barn weddings can sometimes feel overdone and it’s hard to get them to stay fresh and new. The couple’s laid back attitude complimented the atmosphere so well and it just felt like it all fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Not to mention every time they looked at each other my heart just melted… those are the weddings I live for, the ones that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😉

a few of my favorites are below to tell the story of the day…

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