Patty + Nick

In hopes of not sounding cliche, I did not call this wedding blog post My Big Fat Greek Wedding (ok I said it.. ), but this wedding surely reminded me that traditions, culture, and family can be such a joyous event. What I loved about Patty and Nick was their amazing energy and heartfelt and true jubilant spirit. When I learned about their long distance, coast to coast relationship, and I watched their engagement session video, made by Danny Fuentes of The Wedding Central, I was so pleasantly surprised by their upbeat demeanor, like nothing can stop them. I enjoyed hearing Nick laugh and giggle talking about Patty, and I could completely feel the love between them even without having met them. So I was excited to have been invited to shoot alongside Gaby and Danny of The Wedding Central for the big day, at the Westmount Country Club, when they would seal their vows… and when I met Patty and Nick, both stayed true to their amazingly sweet and generous personalities I had seen in their video….¬†I knew this would be a joyful event to remember.. and from what I had remembered from Greek weddings… they don’t kid around!… enjoy..


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