On a rainy day…

It was a day predicted for rain and thunderstorms… sometimes can be one of my favorite types of days to shoot in… so we can be all warmed up at home and playing inside… luckily this thunderstorm was just a passing one… it came and went… I love the innocence of kids as they look out the window at the big world ahead of them and the passing rain.. scared of the noise the thunder makes…. and then they just go on their merry way and continue to play with their dolls… like nothing ever happened… this session and location was extra special to this family, as it’s the house these kids grew up in and will soon be moving… I am so glad I got a chance to capture this special place for them, in the most natural way they can remember it…. take a peek at a fun play session we had with the Forte’s… and mom and dad decided to step into a few shots at the end too…

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