Michelle + Tim

On a windy, misty, summer beach day, Michelle + Tim braved the weather for the perfect pictures… I knew Michelle had been planning this fairytale wedding for a long time.. back when I photographed her and Tim for their engagement session, and when she told me that pictures were the most important to her, so she’d make time for them, I knew this would be a great photo day, no matter what weather was in store for us!… and that it was… Michelle + Tim were an absolute delight to photograph… walking up sand dunes, braving misty and foggy beach weather, and having the absolute best time while doing it… every detail was perfect in this nautical themed wedding in Avalon, NJ.. her beautiful ruffled dress… and his boat shoes and cap to match… navy blue shoes… sandals for the guests to trek through the sand for their beach ceremony, and a super fun crowd who danced all night… love working with and photographing couples like these, because it doesn’t even seem like work… just fun, and playing, and total complete trust in the outcome!… this wedding was so worth all the efforts!… Also special thanks to my P.I.C John DeFiora who proves that when a trusted 2nd photographer is there to help, the energy just keeps rolling and amazing pictures is all there is to make!… enjoy your special day’s preview, and hope you’ll relive your memories through your images! xo Carolina


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LOVE the one portrait of the couple through the dune fence!

love the windy dress shot! and that groom cake smash should be a fearless photographer award, excited to work with you in two weeks.


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