Kelly + Michael


My favorite type of weddings are the small and intimate ones.. the ones that have so many details put together by the couple themselves.. the ones where you can tell the bride has been planning this day out for a long long time…. Kelly + Michael were not married at an everyday venue made for weddings.. they were married at a beautiful and quaint little B&B in Spring Lake called The Ocean House … a small party room just for them… a super cute wrap-around porch for their wedding ceremony… and just minutes walk from the beach and the beautiful lake where we got to play for portraits… after their first look, which we had arranged for in a simple spot around the corner of the house… a cute little alley-way where beach bikes are stored… they got to see each other for the first time in this special moment, and we went straight onto creating some amazing and original portraits with complete and total trust… what I was even more excited about what the amazing sunlight trickling in through the trees, which is my fave! Their wedding celebration could not have been cuter… both bride and groom were dancing the whole time… and even though it was a small room, this group knows how to party… and when your dj plays a throwback from N’Sync and the dance floor fills up… it’s my kind of party (and music!)… enjoy reliving your day through these images! xo Carolina, and thanks to my 2nd shooter and assistant for the day Yanshu!


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Murphy Sneak Peek

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I think I have looked at these 100 times already. I cannot get over how incredible these are. You made us look like we could be in a magazine! You are a phenomenal photographer.

Carolina what a FUN FUN FUN wedding! The bride and groom have such a spunky style and it shows in all the details and images of their personalities. Such great captures of what looks like a wedding I would have LOVED to have crashed. đŸ™‚


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