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2020 threw us for a loop, but it wasn't all bad. I also learned a lot, about my passion for what I do, about the clients who's homes and lives I'm let into daily, and about my own personal life and how I want to carry that knowledge and passion moving forward into my business.

As an artist, it's essential to grow, and not just forward, but towards all sides too (and no, I'm not talking about the extra 20 lbs I've put on during the pandemic).

Last year gave me a lot of time to think, re-do things for the better, come up with more offerings that I think you'll enjoy, and revamp my pricing guides to reflect my new values. Want to see? Keep reading!


from new personal creative ventures to opening up my world past wedding photography, this year will be big!

want to find out what's in store?

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focused on quality products to transform your memories into heirlooms

2020 got me thinking about what I want my clients to have from their sessions, both as takeaways in experience and final products. I realize everyone has very different aesthetics and goals for the art and memories that they choose to print in their homes, but one thing is for certain, and is a common thread - my clients choose QUALITY over QUANTITY, and they know the VALUE of the printed memory as such that can't replace a digital file.

So in 2021, I am introducing a brand new pricing menu for my Family Sessions, and it is built upon 3 principles:


each client will get to choose and customize their own portrait experience with a base session fee separated out from the deliverables rather than obtaining an all inclusive session at a higher price

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Every single vendor that I've chosen to work with has met my standards list, so you'll know that what you're paying for will last you forever


I've set up collections that will give you added value at a reduced price, and also take the difficult decision-making process out of it

family pricing guide

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Moving Memories

add video coverage to your photo session for an additional $500

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Branding Sessions

working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers to elevate their image

New offerings in 2021

I'm excited to be bringing more variety to the CWR family! Please feel free to reach out and inquire about the details of any of these sessions!

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only $100!

prices starting at $350 and monthly packages also available!

Virtual Sessions

30 minute sessions anywhere in the world - all you need is a camera phone!